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Dan Davies is an internationally acclaimed and award winning writer/actor/producer. He has co-starred, produced or written feature films that have been nominated for a BIFA (British Independent Film Award), the African Academy Award, AIFI’s American Indian Best Film Award, Toronto Film Festival Best Film, Raindance Film Festival Best Film etc etc etc and he has won Political Film Society’s Best Film (Human Rights and Peace), the AMVCA (African Magic Viewers’ Choice Award), AELA (African Entertainment Legend Award) and the Golden Movie Award (Africa) Best Supporting Actor Comedy.

He is also the first American to ever be awarded a Golden Movie Award (Top 3 film award on the continent of Africa).

His films have been nationally showcased on PBS, Retro TV Network, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Redbox, Walmart, Tribeca Shortlist, Barnes & Noble etc etc etc.

He also co-stars in two films that are respectively the No. 6 and No. 32 Highest Box Office Nollywood films of All-Time. Nollywood is the second largest film market in the world and now Dan is considered the No. 1 American Actor in Nollywood.

He has been featured in over 1000 media including CBS (National) News, CNN, BBC, NPR, PBS, PRI, USA Today, RTHK (Radio TV Hong Kong) The Financial Times (UK), Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Forbes etc etc et

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